Our Story

Everyone’s struggled with acne at some point in their lives. Sure, some people have it much worse than others. But everyone is familiar with this common nuisance. That’s actually where our story begins.

The experience of suffering from years of acne breakouts and finding no relief after trying countless treatments and products lead us on a path to create the most effective acne solution on the market.

We wanted to provide a product to the millions of adults and teenagers struggling with acne that would provide quick results while preventing further breakouts and healing the skin. Plus, we wanted to make sure the treatment was affordable and easy to apply.

With the help of acne specialists and doctors, the first Nurisr solution was born. This highly effective teenager and adult acne treatment have helped hundreds of people feel healthier and more confident.

It’s our mission to help people retake control of their lives with an effective, affordable, and easy to use acne treatment. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve your acne treatments and products to ensure our customers continue finding the acne relief and healing they need.

Our Team

We’ve built a high-performing team of passionate experts who are committed to helping people find relief from the struggle of acne. All our team members have a vested interest in providing people with the acne solutions they need. The Nurisr team has decades of combined experience which contributes to the quality of our products.